Warranties after customization

Are support service and the extension updates still available for me if aheadWorks team makes an extension customization?


Sure. If the customization was made by our specialists, we do support the custom solution.

However, the support terms for custom development projects differ from those of the general product support, so please, mind the below:


generally, the customization is a one-time service and it is performed for a given Magento installation in its current state and the extension version. If you introduce any further changes (including updating Magento/extension, installing some 3rd party products, etc.), we cannot guarantee the workability of the custom solution.

Please, note that if the customization gets overwritten or broken as a result of modifications you make, restoring the solution (as well as performing any extra adjustments) will be charged separately.


Since the code of our products is open, you are also allowed to customize our extensions on your own. However, in this case, you do lose our technical support.

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