What is the Support Period, how does it work?

This article is applicable to one-time purchases only. As for subscription products, you are always eligible for support while subscription is running.


What benefits do I get with the active support period?


Currently, all our products come with a limited-time support period. During this period you are eligable for our free technical support.


Once your support period ends, technical support isn't provided, but you can continue using the installed product without any time limitations. If you renew your support period, you get access to technical support again.


How do I manage my support periods?


You can manage the support periods for the products you have purchased in the My Projects And Licenses tab in your account dashboard.

You should choose the option to "View licenses" attributed to the Project of your interest.

My Projects and Licenses Tab

Once you move to the Project level, you will be able to:


- download the most recent version of the extension;

- find composer keys and composer package name for respective Magento 2 products;

- check the remaining support time for the purchased products;

- extend the active support periods or renew the expired ones.


How do I extend support period?


This can be done in your personal account on our site, in the My Projects And Licenses tab. Find the Project you need. Press 'View licenses' and on the Project level find the product you want to extend the support for, select desired period length, click "Add To Cart" button and proceed to checkout.

Product license tabs

How much does it cost to extend or renew the support period?


Prices for one-time support renewal depend on product price itself, state of current support (active or expired), length of support period and additional services (such as Priority service). More accurate support prices for products purchased can be seen on the Project level per Product in the customer's account at our store.


Please note, that the support period renewal fees are not refundable.


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