Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Create subscription products using flexible settings.

    • Subscription period of any duration and frequency
    • Trial period to lower a price barrier for subscribers
    • Payments processed via external gateways
Current extension version: 2.2.4 | Compatibility: Open Source; Commerce
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It makes sense to offer subscription options for products that either constantly run out (pet food, water, toiletries, etc.) or every so often come in new editions (magazines, subscription boxes, collectibles, etc.). For one, it saves customers the inconvenience of going through the buying process again and again and, most importantly, it saves them from switching to a different store in between purchases.

Within Magento Subscriptions & Recurring Payments extension we have assembled all of the tools you’ll need to implement subscription options at your store. You are given full control over defining the period of subscription, the size of payment, and the way new functions interact with native Magento functionality.


Subscription period
The product or service may be set to be delivered however often for however long, or even indefinitely*, until the customer cancels the subscription himself.

Starting date*
Flexible starting day allows to begin Magento recurring payments either at the moment of purchase, particular day of the month, or the date specified by the customer.

Trial fee* (optional)
Specify the duration and cost of the trial period - lure the customers in with discounted prices or even by allowing free trial.

Initial fee* (optional)
Set up a starting fee - a one time payment representing the cost of signing up for the subscription service.

Iteration fee
Iteration fee is charged to the customer every time the product or service is delivered.

Payment processing
No need to go through a complicated payment set up - the Subscriptions & Recurring Payments extension supports external payment gateways, namely PayPal, Authorize.Net, and eWay.

Subscription tracking and editing
Each subscription is logged within the extension creating a list in backend, allowing you to sort and manage subscriptions however you see fit. On the customer’s side subscriptions may be viewed from within the customer area.

Block appearance
Each subscription block may be given a custom name and assigned a priority value defining its order of appearance within the frontend page.

Customer segmentation (optional)
Customers may be moved to a different customer group upon signing up for a particular subscription.

Subscription product type
This Magento subscription extension allows recurring billings for simple, downloadable, configurable, or virtual product types.

Email notifications (NEW)
Send automatic email notifications to admin or/and customer to inform about:

  • new subscription
  • subscription status change
  • new order
  • subscription period expiration
  • next payment
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* Available settings vary depending on the chosen payment method

Payment Methods**

Payment MethodStatus
eWay Supported
Authorize.Net ARB Supported
PayPal Express Checkout Supported
PayPal Payments Pro (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Payflow Link (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Website Payments Pro (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Express Checkout) Supported

** Support of specific payment methods depends on the country.

Need more payment methods? Please leave a request here

Product Types

Product TypeStatus
Simple Supported
Downloadable Supported
Configurable Supported
Virtual Supported
Grouped Not Supported
Bundle Not Supported
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  • 2.2.4
    Released 05.04.2017rn* Stability and speed improvements
  • 2.2.3
    + Radio Buttons/Dropdown frontend selector support addedrn* "Start date" field validation issue with iPhone Theme 2rn* Checkout 'continue' button issue when module output is disabledrn* ACL issuern* "Total 1 records found" issue in "Manage Subscriptions" grid
  • 2.2.2
    * Update aw_librn* Design for iPhone theme
  • 2.2.1
    * SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue
  • 2.2.0
    + Email notifications supportrn+ Automatic recurrent profile status synchronizationrn* Problem with order creation when PayPal initial payment was usedrn* Error when locale was changed to the one with non-base currencyrn* Incorrect tax calculation for subscriptions with trial periodsrn* Taxes on shipping weren't calculated rn
  • 2.1.1
    * Inability to create a subscription with invalid characters (in terms of XML)rn* One Step Checkout compatibility issue: incorrect shipping information on checkout pagern* Incorrect price in an order if product qty is more than onern* Subscription product name wasn’t validated rn
  • 2.1.0
    + eWay payment method supportrn* Incorrect invoice amount in order view if trial period was chosen (* Calendar was shown on product pages when 'No Subscription' period was selected
  • 2.0.6
    * “Free Shipping” shopping cart price rule didn’t trigger for subscription productsrn* Multiple addresses option was visible on checkout
  • 2.0.5
    + Compatibility with the Add Free Product to Cart modulern* Inability to create recurrent profiles via live accountrn* Subscription status messages were not translated
  • 2.0.4
    + Events loggingrn* Incorrect design of the "Review order" and "Order review" pages in the RWD themern* Problem with UPS and USPS shipping methodsrn* Total product price was based on special pricern* Problem with Authorize.netrn* Inability to add an item to the cart if “Use JavaScript Calendar” option was enabledrn* Inability to switch to HTTPS connection if "Use Secure URLs in Frontend" option was enabledrn* Inability to log in during checkout when a subscription product was in the cartrn* Recurring profiles weren’t created when 'State/Province' field was empty
  • 2.0.3
    * Shipping price was applied twice in Authorize.Netrn* 'Table Rates' shipping method wasn't available for subscription productsrn* Incorrect work of the Start Date option when “Last day of current month” was selectedrn* Authorize.Net wasn’t available when Minimum Order Total >0
  • 2.0.2
    * Minor bugfixes
  • 2.0.1
    + Compatibility with Webshopapps_Matrixratern+ Stability and speed improvementsrn* Problem with downloadable productsrn* Incorrect work of Regular Recurring Payment on PayPalrn* Missed CSV filern* Problems with custom optionsrn* Specific error messagesrn* Problems on a cart view pagern* Minor bugfixes
  • 2.0.0
    + New operation logicrn+ PayPal & Authorize.Net supportrn+ All product types supportrn+ Free trialrn+ Initial Feern+ Period dependent pricing

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